RyPax is a pioneering molded fiber packaging specialist that is committed to being environmentally-friendly. RyPax products are fully recyclable, biodegradable and only made from materials sourced from responsible, green suppliers. RyPax produces custom molded fiber products in a wide range of applications ranging from cosmetic to industrial; meeting the needs of clients from various industries including pharmaceutical, beauty and electronics.

RyPax also has the engineering, design and logistics resources to meet clients’ needs every step of the way - from designing unique prototypes to manufacturing and delivering only the highest quality molded fiber packaging.

RyPax is the international division of The Wing Fat Printing Co., Ltd and has offices and production facilities across the United States of America, Macau and China to serve clients globally.

Our Offices

  1. San Jose, California

    111 N Market Street, Suite 300,
    San Jose, CA 95113, US
  2. Zhuhai, China

    Rirong Building
    291 The West of Renmin Road, Suite #
    1203, Zhuhai, Guangdong 519070, CN
  3. Macau, China

    AIA Tower
    Nos 251A-301 Avenida Commercial De
    Macau, Level 20/F, Macau, Macau 251301, MO

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