RyPax specializes in industrial molded pulp packaging design and manufacturing. RyPax operates offices in the USA, China, and Macau. Our manufacturing facilities in China and Malaysia along with our worldwide distribution partners, allow us to satisfy your packaging needs whenever and wherever they are.

We are committed to environmental sustainability. Molded pulp has one of the lowest environmental impacts of any packaging material. Our manufacturing process uses recycled paper and annual renewable plant fibers resulting in fully recyclable products.

Engineering and design
RyPax has the engineering and design resources to serve you every step of the way. From designing prototypes to manufacturing and delivering your molded pulp packaging, RyPax is there for you. Our skilled engineers design and produce the highest quality packaging available anywhere, to meet a wide variety of project needs.

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Environmentally-friendly molded pulp packaging design