At RyPax, we custom design, engineer, tool, and manufacture sustainable, molded fiber pulp packaging for a wide variety of product needs. We ensure quality at every step of the production process as follows:

First, our engineers evaluate your project and recommend a design that will protect your products and achieve optimum manufacturing efficiencies. Based on your 3D file, we will develop a molded pulp solution that meets your needs.

After you approve the sample design, our engineers will create sample prototypes for actual application testing and review.
We maintain pinpoint accuracy by machining all tools directly from CAD files. Our process is extremely efficient with low-cost prototyping for testing and approval. Our C&C machines allow us to achieve quick sample turnaround of 10 to 14 days. Both aluminum and brass production tools are available.

Once the design is finalized, your price is calculated based on the weight of the pulp, the complexity of the design, and volume of units. We can help minimize your total cost by improving efficiencies in shipping and storage.

Production ramp up and program management
We will work closely with you on production planning requirements to insure that we have proper tooling in place to meet your needs. We will also coordinate with your equipment manufacturing
partners and / or distribution network to deliver to your worldwide locations.

Environmentally-friendly molded pulp packaging design