RyPax has the engineering, design and logistics resources to meet clients’ needs every step of the way – from designing unique prototypes to manufacturing and delivering.
These are the steps taken to ensure that only the highest quality molded fiber packaging (external and internal) as well as box and print are produced every time.

Molded Fiber Production

Offering innovative sustainable solutions from fast growing responsible sources.

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Our Process

  • Evaluation

  • Custom Design

  • Prototyping / Testing

  • Sustainable Material Selection

molded fiber production
  • Creation of Proprietary Mixes

  • In-house Tooling

  • Manufacturing

  • Secondary Processes

    Die cutting, lamination, spray coating, film application, foil stamping, debossing and embossing
  • Assembly & Packing

  • Stringent QA / QC

  • Logistics Support

  • Worldwide Delivery

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