What is Smart Packaging?

Smart Packaging refers to packaging with enhanced functionality through new technologies, new materials and thoughtful design that provide additional value for consumers.


TecPax is an innovative smart packaging solution by RyPax. This amazing new technology will enable clients to make life better for their consumers as well as to perform their business functions more effectively and efficiently.

Introducing TecPax

What It Can Do


Provides visibility on where every single product is located.


Inventory management is made more efficient, minimizing potential write-offs.


Customers can be assured they are getting only the best.


Security is maximized.

Interaction & Satisfaction

Makes life simpler for example through text to speech.


Helps to keep everything on track.

Quality & Safety

Ensures that important things are remembered.


Reminds your customer to top up your product with ease.


Being green is even easier.

RyPax X E Ink

Featuring RyPax molded fiber packaging with E Ink’s e-Paper digital displays

Patient Adherence

Critical product information displayed adds clarity to user instructions resulting in improved patient adherence


Integrates with electronics to monitor and verify the product status creating a connected, interactive user interface on the product packaging


Reusable and refillable RyPax molded fiber packaging can help support sustainability efforts

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RyPax X PBrain

Featuring RyPax molded fiber packaging with PBrain’s chatbot technology

Digital Interactive Experience

By converting user manuals into a digital interactive experience

Greater Sustainability and Cost Savings

  • 50% reduction in user manual thickness
  • 20% reduction in box profile
  • 20% reduction in storage and freight costs

Improved Customer Experience

  • Immediate response to queries
  • Communicates consistently across various channels